Integrating Technology

Successful technology integration, at its best, is the seamless use of technology in the classroom.  Students and teachers do not think twice about the resources they are using (laptops, Ipads, computers, digital cameras, learning platforms, software, web tools, internet) to complete their work, projects and learning. The use of technology becomes more the norm. Technology is readily available in the classroom, and hopefully at home. The use of technology easily supports curriculum goals and the students’ ability to meet with success as they work towards those goals.

Research to support that full technology integration increases learning is quite sparse due to many factors (i.e., ability to evaluate full integration models, constantly changing technology, etc.), however much research supports the concept of blended learning – combining the typical face-to-face classroom instruction model with the latest in tech tools – with improving student learning outcomes that exceed learning on-line alone. (Cheung & Slavin, 2011; Cheung & Slavin, 2012; Means, Toyama, Murphy, Bakia, & Jones, 2009; Tamin, Bernard, Borokhovski, Abrami, & Schmid, 2011)

Technology is every aspect of our daily lives. Students must gain the skills and technology to meet the trials of a world that continues to be challenging. Through effective technology integration students will be able to collaborate on a global basis, respond to effective feedback, participate in groups, and gain the knowledge from experts.

Graduate students will study the use of technology integration into their daily lesson plans. By focusing on social and emotional learning, students will be exposed to a variety of learning platforms, software and hardware, web tools, on-line collaboration, and social media. This course will require that students develop lessons that integrate technology into their current subject area. Research on new and developing technologies, evaluating lessons effectiveness with and without technology, and developing an ability to evaluate web tools, will be expectations for this class.