See below for a list of available courses by session.  Courses are offered online, with a selection of courses that are offered in-person.


Tuition is $895 per 3-credit graduate course.  


Successful completion of all 5 courses (with a "B" or better) is required to receive the Certificate in Bullying Prevention & Diversity.

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1) Your registration start date is the date you enroll in the course. Once you are in class, you can move through the class at your own pace. 

2) The minimum length of time in which you can finish the course is 14 calendar days.

3) The maximum length of time you have to finish the course is three calendar months (e.g., registering on January 15 means that all work must be completed by April 15).* 

4) Your grade will be submitted after you complete the course** 

*Extensions can be provided at the discretion of the program director and carry a $50 course extension fee. 

**For example, if you sign-up January 15 and finish on Feb 22, your grade will be submitted well before the April 15 closing date for the class.